U of Michigan College of Engineering Safety

  • All Emergencies: Find a place of safety & Call 911  -- identify U of M & location
  • All Safety Incidents or Near-misses should be reported to EHS as soon as possible:  

You should receive a request for addition information that will help guide you and your Department's Safety Committee through your investigation and implementation of any remedial measures. Additonal reports may be required in the event of personal injuries, release of hazardous materials, fires, etc. See:



College of Engineering Research

Facilities & People*:
  • 22 CoE buildings with research activities 
  • 712 research labs
  • 402,562 sq ft of research space
  • 317 tenure & tenured track faculty with research
  • 110 research-only faculty
  • 6,805 bachelors, and 1,986 masters, and 1669 doctoral students
It is the College of Engineering's goal to provide a safe and healthy environment in which everyone can work, learn and do research. This goal requires ongoing involvement of everyone.  This site provides links to many important resources to assist you with this effort.  

* as of 10/29/2018