Dept Safety Committees

"The College Safety Committee is charged to: 
1) Maintain compliance with the Laboratory Safety Standards and Chemical Hygiene Plan legislation in the College, and
2) Continue to serve as a single forum on all matters of College safety, including policies, programs, training, and education."
Memo to the College Safety committee members from James Bean, Assoc. Dean Academic Affairs 2002.

Contact your Department Safety Committee regarding any new or existing Safety concerns. 
 Dept  Chair   e-mail  Phone
Aero Shaw, John  763-1052
   Griffin, Tom  763-1052
BME Hall,      763-7010
CEE Hansen, Will  764-5617
ChE Wang, Henryhywang@umich.edu763-5659
 CLaSP       Gilchrist, Brian brian.gilchrist@umich.edu763-6230
CSE Jenkins,  
ECE Guo, Jay 647-7718
LNFL Martin, Sandrine  277-2365
IOE Armstrong, Tom  763-3742

Woolley, Chuck  763-0570
 ME  Reddy, Pramod
MSE Laine, Richard  764-7893

McIntyre, Keith  763-7893
MSE/EMAL Mansfield, John  936-3352
NAME Zalek, Steven  764-9432
NERS Foster, John  764-1976
WSTPC Lee, Michael  615-6400