Building Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation Plans and Procedures
A disorganized evacuation can result in confusion, injury, and property damage. It is important to refer to our Emergency Action Plan.

General instruction to students, lab or office personnel:
"There is a building emergency.  Class is dismissed [or other similar statement for staff and researchers].  Please leave the building via the nearest exit and go to the designated assembly area.  Do not re-enter the building until emergency personnel give an all clear sign."

Occupants should:

  • Know at least two exits from the building.
  • Be familiar with the evacuation routes posted on the diagram on your floor.  Also be familiar with the designated assembly areas for the building you are in.
  • If you observe a fire or other fire emergency, activate the building fire alarm system to notify the occupants, DPS and Ann Arbor Fire Department.  As soon as it is safe to do so call 911.1  Give your name and location of the fire including floor and room number and any special circumstances that could be hazardous, such as chemicals or faulty equipment.
  • When notified to evacuate, do so in a calm and orderly fashion.
  • Take your personal valuables and outer garments, but don't delay.
  • Use the stairs, not the elevators.
  • Help others in need of assistance.
  • When evacuating the lab and leaving unattended research, turn off heating elements, gases and electrical equipment, if possible.  Report to DPS any processes that have been left on or are of a critical nature.
  • Go to the designated assembly area or as instructed during the notification.
  • Persons with special needs (e.g. mobility, sight, and hearing) should be given assistance as pre-arranged by their supervisor and department.
  • Do not re-enter the building until notified by DPS, your Floor Marshal, Building Coordinator or CoE Facilities Management.  DPS has final authority to release a building for re-occupancy.

1 When using a cell phone to contact DPS, remember that dialing 911 will connect you to an external emergency system.  Specify that you are at the University of Michigan and you will be transferred immediately to DPS.

Also see the Occupational Safety & Health Administration Evacuation Plans and Procedures website.