Fire Alarms

An automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. A fire alarm system can be classified as either automatic or manually activated, or both. All CoE buildings have automatic fire alarms. A fire alarm system is used to notify people to evacuate in the event of a fire. You can also visit the following website:

Examples include:
  • Alarm
  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Any type of open flame that is unattended


  • 911
CoE Facilities Building Coordinators:
CoE Building Facilities Coordinator Work Phone Email
BIRB Ruth Halsey 936-0558 halseyr
Chrysler Jerry McCarty 647-7175 microtv
Cooley Ed Birdsall 764-8262 ntdgn
CSE Brian Rice 764-2132 brrice
Dow Pablo LaValle 763-1336 pablo
EECS Paula Pernia 764-4302 ppernia
EPB Michael Lee 615-6400 erdragon
EWRE Tom Yavaraski 763-1464 recycler
FXB Tom Griffin 763-1052 tgriffin
Gerstacker Dana Jackson 647-9828 dmjackso
GG Brown Bob Spence 763-4919 bspence
IOE Chris Konrad 763-1377 ckonrad
ERB I & II Linda Owens 763-4878 husky
Lay Auto Bill Kirkpatrick 764-4271 wjkirk
LBME Dana Jackson 647-9828 dmjackso
LEC Steve Stanley 647-7039 sestanls
NAME Kay Drake 936-7636 kdrake
SRB Marti Moon 647-3420 mamoon

  • Evacuate the building. Use the evacuation route for your area. Follow the directions of your Floor Marshall
  • USE THE STAIRS. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. If an evacuation occurs, the use of the elevator is reserved for the Fire Department
  • Injured or disabled persons should evacuate to their approved Rescue Assistance location. Rescue Assistance Location Areas
  • Floor Marshalls will check that everyone is out and report the status to DPS, the Fire Dept., and Building Coordinator
  • The Ann Arbor Fire Department assumes complete control over all fire alarm conditions
  • Do not re-enter the building, even if the alarm bells/horns stop, until you are advised to do so by DPS, the CoE Facilities Management Office and/or your Floor Marshall