Power Outages

A power outage refers to the short or long term loss of electrical power to an area. There are many causes of power failures in an electricity network.

Power outages are categorized into three different types relating to the effect and duration of the outage:

  • Dropout- momentarily
  • Brownout- a drop in voltage in an electrical power supply
  • Blackout- total loss of power


  • Report the outage to the University of Michigan plant department at 647-2059
  • Contact the Facilities Management Office at 647-7070
  • Contact the facilities coordinator in your department

What to do if there is a Power Outage

  • Report the outage to the plant department at 7-2059
  • Assist other building occupants to safe locations
  • Loss of power to fume hoods may require the evacuation of the building.
  • Turn off and/or unplug non-essential electrical equipment, computer equipment and appliances.
  • Keep refrigerators closed
  • Maintain flashlights
  • Follow evacuation procedures