Severe Weather

Severe weather includes inclement weather in which there is a severe weather warning

Examples include:

  • Tornados
  • High winds
  • Lightning
  • Flash floods
  • Hail


The follow tools can be used to check weather advisories:


  • Monitor your email for updates or follow the instructions of your Floor Marshall or Building Coordinator.
  • DPS will notify key personnel of severe weather warnings, such as tornadoes, high winds, and other natural catastrophes.
  • Immediately go to a designated shelter area, a basement or lowest-level interior room or hallway (include link to list of designated areas)
  • Avoid windows, auditoriums, atriums or other areas with large, free-span roofs or glass
  • DPS or your building coordinator will notify you when the “all clear” has been given

Campus closings due to inclement weather will be determined by the Dean. Decisions to officially close the campus due to inclement weather and hazardous driving conditions are transmitted to all major radio and television stations for broadcast.