Student Safety Policy

    1. It is College of Engineering policy that all applicable health, safety and environmental regulations be considered in relation to all CoE student academic activities.

    2. Every CoE course, sanctioned team, or event will have a cognizant faculty or staff member who is responsible for safe conduct of the students engaged in that activity. It is the responsibility of this cognizant individual to assure that applicable safety regulations are considered, that good safety practices are followed, that appropriate safety equipment is made available, and that necessary safety training is completed.

    3. All CoE project teams must be formally recognized by the college or a department.
      Recognition requires a written statement from one or more chairs within the current academic year that identifies the team and the cognizant faculty member.

    4. The faculty advisor of any CoE sanctioned student team or event will report to the CoE safety committee via the director of Wilson Center once per semester. The report shall include:

        • The advisor

        • Student membership list

        • Summary of student activities, both on campus and off

        • Facilities used or to be used

        • Any team safety concerns or needs

    5. The cognizant faculty is responsible for immediate reporting of all incidents and accidents involving students to the College of Engineering and Campus Occupational Health and Safety Department. This requirement is the same as for regular CoE employees and sponsored research.