Chemical Hygiene Plan, CHP

Labs are required to adopt and implement the University's chemical hygiene plane (CHP) and to develop a lab-specific CHP document binder. These are available online for download:

Everyone (students, faculty, researchers) must be familiar with the chemical hygiene plan (CHP) that covers their particular work place. The CHP has been customized for each laboratory, so they are not interchangeable. They include safety, housekeeping and standard operating procedures. The principal investigator for each cluster of laboratories is responsible to see that the CHP is understood by everyone that works in the laboratory space. If you are not familiar with the CHP, ask the PI or designated representative to see it.

The CHP requires specific training in safety procedures and equipment operation. See the CHP book, PI or representative to find out which equipment and processes require specialized training. The CHP must contain documentation of your training before you are eligible to use the equipment or process.

The University of Michigan Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) provides training in Laboratory Safety Standards. This training is mandatory for all persons. A list of training dates is available, as well as information on other EHS training programs.