Chemical Inventories

A list of hazardous chemicals is required according to the Hazardous Work in Laboratories standard.  Beginning in 2015 all labs, except those taking part in the Chemistry Department’s chemical tracking system, are required to transition to the U-M EHSA program. Chemical Lists already in Excel, Access, or other systems can be uploaded into EHSA by contacting OSEH. After a list/inventory has been uploaded to the EHSA, it should be used exclusively for chemical maintenance and report generation, rather than the previous system.  Details are available at EHS Chemical Hygiene Plans, CHPs and Standard Operating Procedures, SOPs.

At this same site, standard operating procedure (SOP) templates are available for a variety of chemicals. Labs can download and customize for use in their labs. A SOP template is also available for download to assist labs in writing other SOPs that they may need to develop. 

CHP Required Document Binder

Labs are required to adopt and implement the university's chemical hygiene plan (CHP) and to develop a lab-specific CHP document binder. These are available online for download: Chemical Hygiene Plan 

Updated per L. Stowe (4/27/15); updated tja 4/2/2019.