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Safety & Security

CoE Safety

Fostering a safe environment is a key priority at the College of Engineering (CoE). The links on this website will help you follow established processes to keep yourself and our whole community safe.

Campus Safety


Tips from the Division of Public Safety & Security (DPSS)

Research and Academic Laboratory Safety


Research and Academic Laboratory Safety Tips

Never work alone in a research or academic laboratory setting. Always institute a Buddy System, especially when working after normal building hours.


The mission of the College of Engineering Safety Committee (CoESafe) is to serve as the primary body for implementing the College’s Laboratory and Research Safety Accountability Plan, providing a structure and venue for reporting safety issues, and discussing safety culture initiatives and programs.

The mission of the College of Engineering Emergency Planning and Response Team (EPART) is to provide planning, direction, and oversight of College safety and security initiatives for crisis management, business process continuity, and the protection of our community.